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Marketing the Orange Bowl to the Yellow Jackets

It is game day for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The team has been in Miami since the middle part of last week practicing for the Orange Bowl. Luckily, I have been enjoying the inside scoop from my favorite Yellow Jacket Equipment Manager 😉  He has updated his Twitter and Facebook frequently with pictures from the adventures in Miami. It has been pretty cool talking to him about his trip, as I never realized how much work and effort goes in behind the scenes to make a Bowl Game possible. What I especially love about all the pictures and inside scoop is the marketing behind the whole process.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets traveled on a chartered plane to spend the week in Miami. They were greeted on the Tarmac by an orange carpet, orange suited officials and even the Orange Bowl mascot:
Awesome greeting in Miami! Passed out oranges and everything! on Twitpic

The players and staff were then invited to the welcoming ceremony complete with a GT ice sculpture.
They had a GT ice sculpture at the welcome reception! on Twitpic
After the welcoming ceremonies, they were able to explore the hotel a little bit. Let’s just say the Orange Bowl Committee had decked out the hotel in Orange Bowl marketing tactics. Complete with Orange Bowl baskets in EACH of the rooms and signs throughout the hotel. Our hotel is absolutely decked out in Orange Bowl swag #Orang... on Twitpic

After a few days of practice, the team made it to the final destination to set up camp for game day. Not but 24 hours after having a NFL game in the stadium, the Orange Bowl Committee transformed the stadium and locker rooms in to an Oasis of Orange.
This guy is handpainting the BCS logo on the end zone #Orange... on Twitpic

Since the stadium is primarily used by the Miami Dolphins, the Orange Bowl Committee needed to bring their own flair into the place. Every little bit of logo from the Miami Dolphins was covered in Georgia Tech or Orange Bowl Logos.

Needless to say, I love the marketing efforts that the Orange Bowl Committee has put in to making the Georgia Tech team feel welcome in the town of Miami.

Thanks to my wonderful friends on the equipment team who are working so hard for the Yellow Jackets (especially the one in the middle 😉 )
Some of the managers in the tunnel #OrangeBowl on Twitpic
Go Jackets!


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