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101 in 1001 February Update

Check out the latest update on my 101 in 1001 project on my main site:

Valentine’s Day Etsy Style

All those who love Etsy say “I”. I love Etsy because of the homemade aspect of most of the products. I love that everything comes from entrepreneurs who are expressing their creativity. I feel inspired when looking through the homemade shops and sometimes even splurge on items that I know are one-of-a-kind that I can’t recreate myself . I am not going to lie, I want to open an Etsy shop. Not sure what I would sale, but I love the idea of running a small business and making the products by hand. Just putting that out there.  Here are a few of the things I am loving right now, especially with Valentine’s Day on the brain.

I have a thing for art right now, especially if it has some connection to my family. I love these Fox prints since our last name means Fox.


These other two are just unique and lovely finds for the love in your life. Enjoy.



101 in 1001: Janaury 2012 Update

January Update for my 101 in 1001 Project.

#3: Go on a date a month for 6 months

#12.   Have a girl’s night once every other month (6/16): The Bachelor started back up this month so we had a viewing party at my house. Some girlfriends came over for pizza and reality tv.

49.   Join a Sunday School Class. We took the first step in making this happen. Our church doesn’t really have “Sunday school classes” but they do have newly married groups filled with 5 couples plus a mentor. The group focuses on the fact that we are all in the same stage of life and how to grow together in our spiritual journey. I am excited for this group which will actually start in the middle of February, however January we actually met our group and got connected for the first time.

51.   Do five random acts of kindness. (2/5). We went to Dinner with a gift card a few nights ago. It was a place we normally don’t frequent but the gift card was for more than we could eat or take home with us in one sitting. There was only some change left on it, but it still felt good not to waste it. We just asked the cashier to take it off for the person behind us.  Nothing big, but a little goes a long way sometimes.

#67 I am a visual person so it is fun to use Pinterest for recipe inspiration. A few weeks ago we made the bacon wrapped honey glazed chicken strips. It was intended for an appetizer however we paired it with mashed potatoes for our dinner.  It was fantastic. Check out the original recipe here.

82.   Cut coupons and try to save some $ for 3 months. (1/3). This was the first month that I only went to the store with coupons in hand. Now, I am not an “extreme couponer” but I did save  over $10.00 with coupons alone for just 3 trips to the grocery store in January. Of course these coupons were combined with store discounts so overall I saved $42.00 in the month of January.  In our house that is over 5 days of meals for free!

What goals did you accomplish this month for your 101 in 1001 challenge?


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