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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Break For Spring Time Thoughts

Being on Spring Break makes me think of all things spring: Easter, warmer weather, pastel colors, and flowers. I was trying to brainstorm some fun ways to incorporate spring into my decorations. Here are my thoughts so far:

Love this wreath. Would love to make the wreath with pom poms in pastel colors:

I love having candy on the counter. What better way to tie in the spring time than with a bird’s nest with egg-shaped candies.

Nothing brightens up a kitchen more than some pretty dish towels. Check these out from Martha Stewart:

What do you have planned for spring decorations?


Hello Spring Break

After a long week of Finals, it is time for Spring Break! Here’s wishing for warmer weather and sunny days all week:

Hammock from the Finnish Design Shop

Much Needed Midweek Inspiration

I am in my 3 round of classes for my MBA program. This weeks is Finals so I have been a little stressed out. I found a few quotes to help me stay inspired though. Check them out:

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream;
not only plan, but also believe.
-Anatole France

I believe that you measure yourself
by the people that measure themselves by you.
-The Bucket List

Even if I don’t reach all my goals, I’ve gone higher than I would have if I hadn’t set any.
— Danielle Fotopoulis

Whether you think you can or think you can’t – you are right.
— Henry Ford

The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

— Mark Twain

Beautiful Day for Volunteering

Today was a beautiful Saturday! The weather was perfect for volunteering.

I heard last year that Disney had plans to give away free tickets to Disney World for a day of service. Now, I am not “pro” volunteering just to reap rewards, but in this case I could not refuse.  With the help of my twin sister, we decided to volunteer ourselves and our boyfriends up for a Meals on Wheels opportunity. Of course they willingly accepted, mainly because both understand the importance of volunteering but also because one of the boys has never been to Disney. I cannot believe a KID who is over 21 has not been to Disney.

So today we did our first installment of Disney Volunteering. We served the Atlanta area Senior Citizens with the Meals on Wheels program.

The day began with an orientation.

The volunteer coordinator was completely awesome and wanted to be our third twin.

Then we proceeded to the kitchen to pick up our meals for our assigned route.

From there we delivered the meals to a community in Atlanta where the struggles of humanity really shined through. It felt good to give a simple meal to these people. I hope they do not take this service for granted.

We finished the day off with our own special meal of desserts at a local bakery.

Is anyone else doing the Disney Give-a-day program and if so, what are you doing?

My new favorite online tool

I heard about this site awhile ago, however I was unable to use it because my company’s website was under a massive redesign. Once the website was finished at the beginning of this year, we inserted the HTML code in to our website to begin using Google Analytics.  Since the code has been added, I am now able to see the plethora of information that Google Analytics provides. Let’s just say I am in love!

The analysis that this site provides is very in-depth. It shows you how much traffic goes to your website, what sites they are using to get to your site (AKA Twitter or Facebook), and from what part of the world they are viewing your site. On top of this, you can set up goals that identify monetary values to the customer’s visit to your website.

Ultimately this allows you to track your website’s growth and success. Within the site you can create documents which make it easy for presenting information.

Have fun integrating this site with your website, and thank you Google for creating an excellent product.

Speaking in the future tense…literally

Most of my time this week beyond school and work have been focused on the upcoming conference that I will be speaking at. The title of the presentation is “Marketing in 140 character’s or less” and is essentially a how-to guide to using social media sites for businesses. The whole presentation is all about how to successfully create a community within social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote a brand or product. I wanted to give you a sneak peek in to one of my favorite portions of the presentation. The portion I am highlighting today is about one of the tools I use for a successful social media strategy.

I am not able to work every day due to the fact that I am a full-time student. Therefore I must “pre-tweet” my companies business to the “community” that follows our accounts on Twitter and Facebook. There are many sites out there to pre-tweet your information, however I prefer a site called Social Oomph. I enjoy using this site because it allows me to put a time stamp on the ideas or messages I want to convey to the community.

At my business, we like to pre-tweet about upcoming site visits, birthdays, and events. We also pre-set tweets to update our community on discounts for registering for one of our programs. This allows us to generate content that we know will be consistent, without having to log in to Twitter or Facebook every day. We recently used this tool heavily during our staff recruitment process. Our application deadline was on a Sunday but our office is closed on the weekends. Due to this, we went ahead and pre-tweeted about the application deadlines to make our community aware of the job opportunities.

Keep in mind that this is a tool, and should not be the only way you interact with your “communities”. Make sure that in addition to pre-tweeted content that you also post pictures, responses, and other content frequently to keep your community intrigued.

Just a tip for the day…Happy Wednesday.

Let it snow

Check out the beautiful snow from Atlanta, Georgia on Feb. 12, 2010. I was thankful that the beautiful white stuff blanketed the whole town with its wonder. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Enjoy.

A beautiful tree in the backyard.

We took the measuring tape outside to check out many inches Atlanta had accumulated.

Hard to believe that all 50 states had snow on the ground today!

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