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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Who invented Social Networking?

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Since it is summer time, I figured a post on camping was appropriate.

I love the new Coleman advertising campaign where they claim to be the inventors of social networking. Super Clever. If you haven’t seen the video yet…check it out here. While you are at it, check out the Coleman apps on iTunes complete with a camping cookbook:

Way to go Idaho!

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I have to admit that it is a Saturday night and I am laying in my bed watching TV. Not just any TV though, a night filled with all things Toy Story. First it was a Cake Challenge of Toy Story on the Food Network where the challenge involved making a cake with 3 of the Pixar characters. After the Cake Challenge was over, Toy Story came on. Of course I am thrilled, especially since Toy Story 3 comes out next week! I have an obsession with social media/marketing. In addition to this obsession I am also obsessed with all-things Disney. Check out my Halloween Costume from last year.

Now to bring the two together:

You can pre-order your tickets for Toy Story 3 (coming out next week) on Facebook! Love it! You can purchase your tickets through an app and then share your selected movie times with all of your friends. Genius integration of marketing and social media! All I can say to Pixar and Disney is “Way to go idaho!”.

“Like” cookies

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I love these Facebook-themed wedding announcement cookies. Found them on Dog n’ Bird. Check them out and tell me if you “like” them.

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