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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Every Body Dance Now

Being newly graduated I am having to figure out how to have a life outside of school. I have enjoyed rekindling old hobbies and spending time on new ones. Tonight I am starting a dance class that I am very excited about- Hip Hop. Hope you find time tonight to take part in your hobby or at least enjoy a quiet evening. Cheers!

Mustache Monday

Tools for Wedding Planning Success

I am in the midst of planning a wedding to the love of my life. I shouldn’t really say “I”, but instead “we”, because my Fianc√© has been helping 100% of the way! Our organization system currently consists of using a lot of Excel Spreadsheets for electronic documents, binders for hard copies of information and ideas, and email. Well in keeping with the theme of this blog, I found some helpful resources for planning the wedding from Google. Check out a pair of Newly-Engaged Googlers who are using the wedding planner tools:

Mid Week Pick Me UP

Couldn’t we all use this little investment….

What Is Your Favorite Pair?

Today I strayed a little from Social Media and fell in love with this typography. I love the ampersand and I love the showcase of these classic pairs. Click here to see more pairs from the Behance Network, but to get you started see below for my favorite one!

Laugh it Up!

Just a few cartoons to make you laugh:

Because the smell of Football practice is in the air, I thought it would be appropriate to show you this little funny:

Proposal 101

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I think it is extra special when two people confess their love and embark on the journey known as “the engagement period”. I speak partly from experience (as I am newly engaged to the love of my life). I mostly love engagements because it is a way for the man to showcase how he appreciates his future wife and symbolize it with a moment that is meant just for the two of them. Every proposal is different. Every perfect proposal takes place in a setting that is a glimpse of that specific couples relationship.¬† With that being said, my proposal was perfect to me (complete with pictures because Conner knows me so well!). I love seeing a glimpse of other peoples relationship, especially when it is shown through their engagement. I found this sweet proposal that integrated social media and thought it was very unique. Check it out by clicking HERE.

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