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Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Social Network

Last night I was given the opportunity to go see The Social Network, the new movie coming out in October about Facebook. The movie was excellent! I loved the format of the movie and the inside-look at the world of Facebook. I will say that it was very fast paced in story line and dialogue. I felt like I was watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Overall the movie was great and featured some pretty stellar stars such as Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg. Check out the trailer below and make sure you go to the theater on Oct. 1st to see The Social Network.


Alpha Chi Blog Feature!

This one is for all my sisters out there! I was featured on the Alpha Chi Omega Starting Conversations” blog this morning. Very exciting to be featured on their blog. Enjoy reading How to Network in 140 Characters or Less.

Chords of Love

Every good phone should have a sturdy phone case, especially if you drop it a lot like I do (Opps). I do not wear a belt every day like my male counterpart, so I do not have a way to secure my phone to my pants. Usually you will find my phone in my hand because that is the easiest way for me to carry it around. With that being said, I have to have a sturdy case that protects my Droid on the occasional drop. Check out the newest case I found. This one is for all my Greeks, especially my Alpha Chi’s! The cases are completely customizable for whatever your Greek affiliation might be. You can even have it customized for for your favorite sports team. Which one do you like the best in the entire Coveroo Collection?

Wedding Planning…There is an app for that

It seems like more and more people are planning their own weddings these days. Of course it is made easy when so many companies are coming up with Documents or Apps to help in the planning process. Check out this iPhone app for wedding planning. I like how you have all the essential tabs located in one place.  What will App creator’s come up with next?

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