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Where have I been?!?

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I have fallen a little behind on my blogging but let me tell you why:

For starters, a few weeks ago I had the honor of presenting on “Marketing in 140 Characters or Less” at the ACCED-I Annual Conference. The Conference had many sessions on using social media for business in the events and conferencing world. Presenting on subjects I am passionate about is one of my favorite things to do. The whole session that I presented was a how-to in social media and best practices for businesses. I really feel like I empowered people to break out of their shell and embrace social media. I challenged businesses to take a look at their own social media strategy.  I also challenged businesses to take the social media platforms they are currently working with to foster a consistent connection between their entire brand. I would love to answer your social media questions, so feel free to comment! A few take away’s that I think would interest you the most:

  • There IS a way to analyze ROI for Social Media. My favorite sites are Google Analytics and the built-in Facebook app.
  • Add your social media links to your email signature. This allows EVERY person you communicate with to know you are out there on the social media sites.
  • Customize EVERYTHING. Make sure your background represents your brand. Make sure your profile picture represents your brand. Most importantly make sure your content represents and supports  your brand.

On top of the ACCED-I conference, I started a new series of my MBA classes so I have been juggling all of the course work on top of getting ready for the Summer Months of Conferencing.  I tend to microblog from my personal twitter account so follow me if you want more frequent updates!

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