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2010 Recap

I was laying in bed this morning, just reflecting on this year as a whole. Last year, I documented every day in a project titled “Project 365“. This made it super easy to reflect on the year and all of the monumental changes that happened. This year, I took pictures, but not as frequently as I had in the past. My “pictures” came in the form of my cell phone, blog posts, or status updates. With that said, laying there this morning a few things jumped to mind that I am grateful for this year. So here begins  my 2010 reflection:

This year was a year of big changes. For starters, I was in an accelerated MBA program to finish my Master’s in a year. Mission accomplished in August 2010. This was one of the highlights of the year as I met many new friends. I loved spending every day with them for an entire year. My teachers and classmates truly pushed me and taught me to think like a project manager.

I took a few trips this year. Conner and I kicked off the year snow skiing in North Carolina. This was a big deal for me, since I had broken my arm the last time I went skiing. Luckily this time was a lot of fun, without any injuries, and I can actually say I wouldn’t mind going again.

A few months later I spoke at the ACCED-I Conference on Marketing in 140 Characters or Less. This sparked the opportunity to share my knowledge on social media and marketing with my colleagues across the nation. I grew up in 4-H giving public speeches, but I never realized how much those speeches fire me up. I enjoyed helping people understand that Marketing with that medium is not scary, it just needs to be embraced.

On top of pushing myself to earn an MBA in 12 months, I also was given the opportunity to host one of my companies mega groups. I enjoyed this opportunity so much, as it pushed me to think critically and truly apply the things I had been learning during my MBA.

This year was challenging as far as job searching goes. I will say the year closes out with me working at Conference Services, and I couldn’t be more happy. One highlight of interviewing for so many jobs was where they took me. I loved traveling with my dad to Jekyll Island. I feel blessed to have been able to spend a weekend alone with my daddy, exploring Jekyll Island, soaking up the sun, geocaching, and eating excellent sea food.

In the midst of planning a mega group, my summer time was filled with a few trips. Besides traveling to Jekyll, I also went on a cruise to the Bahamas.

I will say the best trip of the whole summer was the one that I took with my soon-to-be fiancé to Savannah. The weekend getaway turned into the most romantic proposal I could have ever dreamed of! I am so excited to know that one of my highlights for 2011 will be getting married to the love of my life!

The remainder of 2010 became months filled with road map items for the newly engaged leading to the Big Day.  We had a wonderful engagement party thrown by my parents.

My favorite highlight of being engaged so far has to have been having our engagement photos made by Natosha Ledbetter Photography. I love photos, and loved that our relationship could be captured so beautifully on camera.

I never knew how busy I was until after I finished my MBA degree. I have a new found love of free-time and quality time with others. In my free time I took up Zumba, making Church a part of my weekly routine again, spending quality time with my loved ones, and discovering new places to eat. I also moved into the Alpha Chi Omega house at Georgia Tech as their House Mom. I love connecting with the girls and living in Atlanta. Pictured below is my family in Disney Hollywood Studios for my little sisters 18th birthday.

There are many more things I could highlight, however this post is already epic enough. I will share that 2011 will be a little different. Actually the next 1001 days will have a little different agenda. I am forcing myself to overcome obstacles and challenges that have been holding me back from being where I want to be. This agenda will be known as 101 in 1001 days. Think of it as New Years Resolution on Steroids. Over the next 2 1/2 years I have big things planned. Stay tuned for the adventures along this task list and the big things to come. Of course this blog will feature nuggets of insight around social media, but it will also serve as a place to document my progress for my 101 list. Look for this list in the coming days.

Happy New Year Everyone!


The Story of Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away. I feel like 2010 has flown by. That is a seperate post in itself, but for now I wanted to share a little Christmas joy. My boss emailed us this video earlier in the week and I thought it was just too good to pass up sharing on this blog. Enjoy!

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