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Monthly Archives: March 2010

A sweet start to your weekend

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Inspired by an inquiry from a friend, I decided to compile a list of my favorite cupcake shops in Atlanta.  Here are the few that I have been to:

  1. Star Provision Bakery– This place is super cute and conveniently located on Howell Mill. I originally was brought in here by one of my co-workers. She just wanted to show me around so that we could get an idea of where to eat lunch in the future. Of course my eyes quickly floated from the delicious lunch items to the bakery counter. The baked goods counter was filled with cupcakes, bars, and miniature pies. I just had to have one of their cupcakes. I chose the chocolate on chocolate, however it was a close tie with the S’more cupcake 😉 The chocolate on chocolate combination was just perfect. The flavor wasn’t overpowering and the cake had just enough fluff.
  2. Bakeshop– This one is located near Taco Mac, The Vortex, and The Fabulous Fox Theatre. They have a wide selection of baked goods including cheesecake in individual mason jars, and s’more pie. I of course chose the red velvet cupcake. The delicious cupcake was filled with a vanilla pudding. Check out my visit here
  3. Chocolate Pink– This place has a cool coffee house feel. The location is located in Midtown Atlanta, with an event room located upstairs. I loved the Pink Lemonade cupcake. It was a lemon cake with lemon custard and pink lemonade glaze. I loved how they packaged each cupcake in little carry out boxes.
  4. Atlanta Cupcake Factory– I drove by this one last weekend but resisted the urge to pull over. I have added it to my to-do list of cupcake shops to visit
  5. This one is a personal favorite because my mom made it for me!! This was a few years ago on my birthday. How perfect is that cupcake?

“Mr. Blue Bird On My Shoulder”

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I love all things social media. More than that, I love cupcakes. How could these two things ever go together? How about “Tweet” cupcake liners. I love these cupcake liners from Meri Meri and think they are just perfect! All my friends that constantly have “tweet-ups” should order these and make cupcakes for their next get together.

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