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Monthly Archives: October 2011

101 in 1001: Ba-na-na-s

As you know one of my goals has been to learn to cook. I can’t say I have become a pro, but at least I haven’t completely burnt any meals yet. I can’t say they were all completely wonderful, but at least I am making progress. One thing I have found to be fun is baking. I wanted to make a fall treat the other day but do not like pumpkin. The choices for fall-themed baked goods were few, mostly because I didn’t know what to search for, so I settled on a chocolate chip banana bread. It turned out very good and my favorite part was the top because it had brown sugar and cinnamon that gave it an awesome “first bite”. Here is a picture of the inspiration. The recipe that was used was just a banana bread recipe and then I threw some chocolate chips in at the end. I did not include the lemon juice or the walnuts that the original recipe called for. Pretty good if I do say so myself.


Home Decorating: Gallery Wall

Random Ramblings is the name of the game on this fine Wednesday. Who doesn’t love a good pinterest-inspired project? I have seen the gallery wall affect for a while in home decorating but have had a hard time 1) figuring out how to make a gallery wall 2)finding the perfect space. I finally decided on a space in my crafting corner of our house. I wanted to display some of my favorite photographs along with some of my scrapbooking memory pages. To hang everything, I measured it all on wax paper and then taped the wax paper to the wall. I had the paper tapped to the wall for about a week as I tried to figure out if I liked the layout. I really just wanted to avoid putting unnecessary holes into the wall. After taping, rearranging, and re-framing some pictures I had a wall of memories to display. Here is the final result of my wall gallery.

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