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Monthly Archives: March 2011

101 in 1001:: Fruit Pie

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Last night I made a quick dessert that incorporated fresh fruit. Now I am not one to eat fruit, but it involved a cookie so I said why not? The recipe was as simple as baking a sugar cookie into a big round pizza-like shape in order to make the crust. After the cookie cooled completely I used cool-whip for the sauce. I then layered fresh fruit onto the pie. I added a sprinkle of sugar over the top just to add something sweet to the mix. All of the recipes I read stated that the sauce was a cream cheese and sugar spread, however this was much easier. This was super simple and really tasty. The edges became a little over-done compared to the squishy middle, but all in all it was great. Good thing I had a group of people to eat this, otherwise I am not sure how I would have kept the left overs fresh.  Hooray for another recipe for my 101 in 1001 #67 challenge.

101 in 1001:: New Restaurant Part 3

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This past weekend I soaked up the rays on the beaches of Edisto, South Carolina. While there, we took a day trip to Charleston where I was able to mark quite a few 101 items off my list. One of the restaurants we went to was right on the island, called Buck’s Pizza. We had a chicken alfredo pizza that was pretty good. Sorry for the lack of pictures, as the pizza was gone in what seemed like two seconds!

The second restaurant that we went to was Hyman’s Seafood. This place was amazing with delicious seafood, hush-puppies, and service. They were so nice to our group of 13 people and brought us complimentary appetizers. One of the owners even came over to thank us for being there. Here are a few photos of the group at the restaurant.


Bookworm: 101 in 1001

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One of my 101 in 1001 goals is to read 15 books over the next 1001 days. So far I am 2 down, and just finished a 3rd one last week. I didn’t expect to be done with the book I chose so quickly, however it was so good I didn’t want to put it down. I originally picked up Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks thinking I would read it on an upcoming beach trip. However, I made the mistake of reading it one night before bed and couldn’t tear myself away from it. I had the book read in a week, which is not typical for me! I guess I either forgot how easy-to-read Nicholas Sparks books are, or perhaps the story line was just so interesting. The book was about a women who is new to a small town who relocates due to personal situations. I don’t want to go into too much detail, other than saying it was written from a perspective of both the women, the husband, and the new love interest. I especially suggest this book to my Alpha Chi sisters, as it is truly a story about the trials and tribulations that come from an abusive relationship.

One step closer to marking an item off my 101 list. I picked up a new book and have not done much reading this week in hopes of avoiding the situation stated above and save my selection for the upcoming beach trip.

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