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Where is the love?

Can you believe that Valentine’s day is less than a month away? I feel like it was just Christmas/New Years! I can tell you the most I have started planning for Valentine’s day 2010 is how I will make some decorations for my fireplace. What can I say- It is the crafty side of me. Anyways- in the spirit of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I wanted to give you the latest app for your iPhone.

The app stems from the classic heart candies we used to give as kids. If you visit NECCO Sweethearts website you can create your own sweethearts. You can customize the hearts to say your special thoughts to your loved one. The website lets you upload straight from the site to your Twitter account. The Twitter message includes a link to your newly created sweethearts, and a hashtag for the product. Way to go NECCO.

If that weren’t enough- NECCO also created an iPhone app so that you can create a set of sweethearts on-the-go for free.

Looking for a Job??

Looking for an internship in event planning? I have loved working for Conference Services for the past 3 summers. I have worked with groups such as Teach for America, RoboCup, Yellow Jacket Football Camps, and numerous other programs.  I have grown as a person and as a professional. I have loved learning about the in’s and out’s in conference planning at a collegiate level. I know you would enjoy working for them too.  Here is a picture from this past summer. Our team motto is “Work hard, play harder” and therefore we always take a break during the summer to play Volleyball and Kickball. Needless to say we have a ton of fun.

Check out the internship job description and information for application. Let me know if you have any questions or want to know more about my experience. Here is the Job posting:

Program Profile:
The Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Conference Services looks to add up to two interns to their staff of 4 full-time professional, 1 Graduate Assistant and 20-30 seasonal student staff.

Georgia Tech offers the finest collegiate facilities and services in the country to our clients and guests. Georgia Tech’s location in trendy midtown Atlanta makes it convenient to Atlanta’s finest cultural, recreational, and entertainment amenities. During the 2009 conference season, we played host to over 50 summer programs, including Teach For America, a 600-person training institute on campus from early June until late July; the National Puppetry Festival, and Diakonia World Assembly, both bringing in over 300 guests from all around the world.

The 2010 summer is expected to be our biggest ever, highlighted by the return of the 3,500 attendee National Law Enforcement Explorers Conference. Although we will be hosting many returning programs such as Teach for America, we look forward to a summer full of many new, challenging and exciting programs.

Internship Summary:
Intern will be exposed to all aspects of conference, seminar and camp coordination in a collegiate housing environment. Intern will receive a comprehensive overview of the Department of Housing’s conference services operation and how it interfaces with numerous other departments on campus. Applicants with a sincere motivation to learn about collegiate conference services and desire to make an impact need only apply.

Criteria for Student to Meet:
• Student with a 2.3 GPA or higher and good academic standing;
• Undergrad sophomore or higher need only apply;
• A major in Hospitality, Communications, Marketing, or Business Management preferred, but not required;
• Flexible summer schedule free of classes, vacations, and other commitments.

Primary Experiences:
1. Transition of building inventory between Residence Life and Conference Services
2. Daily operation and development of the summer conference program
3. Public relations with conference clientele and guests
4. Logistical planning and implementation of select summer camps/conferences/ and lines of business.
5. Utilization of conference management software
6. Housing building preparation
7. Key control and inventory
8. Conference group registration and check-in/check-out procedures
9. Monitor and trouble-shoot conference events
10. Shadowing and collaboration with professional staff

Specific Project Samples:
1. Participate in the student staff training and evaluation process
2. Evaluate, revise and implement student staff training and development program
3. Meet needs of conference clients through facilitating check-ins and outs, event management, acting as a liaison between campus and non-affiliated service providers, etc…
4. Contact and meet with clients, departmental schedulers and decision- makers, and housing custodial and maintenance staff
5. Planning and implementation of housing related arrangements for various conference groups
6. Implementation and monitoring of long-term lodging programs
7. Coordination with Freshman Orientation program
8. Personal preference project(s) expressed by Intern

Learning Outcomes:
1. Value of a conference operation within the Housing Department and Auxiliary Services
2. Value of establishing and maintaining partnerships with the numerous campus departments and personnel
3. The importance of clear and accurate communication
4. The extent of pre-planning required and effective use of timelines
5. The importance of exceeding expectations of conference clients and guests
6. Uncut, real-life, hands-on exposure behind-the-scenes of a summer conference operation
7. Training and in-depth use of Kinetics Solutions conference software program

Application Requirements and Timeline:
Please submit cover letter, resume’ and at least two references by February 1, 2010 to Successful candidates will be notified regarding an interview no later than February 8.

Opportunity Range:
Immediate thru Summer:
March 1 – August 13, 2010
Will consider slightly altered start dates

Stipend-Amount dependant on date range and experience;
Single-occupancy room in a Georgia Tech lodging facility (summer only)

Internship Site:
The Georgia Institute of Technology
871 McMillan Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0550

Department of Housing/Conference Services

Internship Supervisor:
Dan Dykstra, Director of Conference Services

Web Site:
Georgia Tech Conference Services

Please call Conference Services at 404.894.2469

Create a Strategic Plan

It is 20-10 (that is how I am choosing to call the New Year, but please don’t be offended if you want to call it two thousand and ten). I am sure you have all made some New Years Resolutions. As a small business owner, or even an entrepreneur you may be wondering how to take your resolution of “Launching your business in to the New Decade” and putting it in to practical application. I am here to help you do just that by using various forms of social media! Let’s break this down to be a little more manageable:

Step 1: Create a Strategic Plan.

For 20-10 your resolution is to launch your business in to the new decade, but how do you do that? Launching your company in to the new decade takes some strategy to effectively use all of these resources.

  • You need to carefully evaluate your ideal customer and how they are gathering information about your company. Many customers are Web 2.0 savvy. Customers are connecting with new products and businesses through the internet. Customers are finding products through online advertisements, blog references, company Twitter accounts, or their friends becoming “fans” of the Facebook page.
  • After you evaluate your customers, research the various Web 2.0 forums for communication to your customers. I suggest starting with blogs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. Oh and if you haven’t created a website for yourself- Start there first.
  • Next lay out the tools you will use. Will you start a blog? Will you create a Twitter account to market to your customers in 140 characters or less? Will you create a Facebook Page to update Fans on new products or services? Decide which tools fit your needs the best.
  • Create a time line of expectations and define tools for measurement. Analyze the tools you identified in the last step to develop an action plan of updates. It is unrealistic to say “I am going to use every social media tool that is available on the web”. You need to realistically define which tools you can update consistently in order to gain and maintain customers using the web. Do not get discouraged though, because there are plenty of resources that allow you to manage all of your social media sites through an online application. These resources help you generate content that is linked to your sites in order to create a blanket message across all of the various tools. I will go in to these resources in a different post. Another fun fact is that a lot of these sites have built in measurement tools to analyze clicks on your page, customer interaction, and the amount of followers you have. These are all beneficial to evaluating how many customers you are contacting on a daily basis.
  • Develop a plan to get all “employees” on board for the New Years Resolution of launching your business in to the new decade. Allowing employees to become involved in creating content for your social media sites is beneficial to the company. Employees can join in the conversation with customers to ensure quick feedback and regular updates.

This is a small step to completing your resolution of “Launching your career in to the new decade”. Develop your strategy and start exploring your new social media tools. Then come on back here to find out more tips on creating a social media policy, measurement devices, and generating quality content.

Taco Bell Diet?!?!

It seems like January is always the month when commercials come out about the best way to lose weight. I love the Subway 5 dollar foot long commercials. Especially the one with the construction workers that can’t get the jingle right.

I don’t mind Jared promoting the “weight loss” diet by eating Subway.

I also don’t mind the commercials/infomercials about the latest fitness equipment.

Where I draw the line is the “drive-through” diet from Taco Bell. EWW! I cannot believe they paid money to shoot this commercial and place it on prime time TV spots. No thank you.

Marketing the Orange Bowl to the Yellow Jackets

It is game day for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. The team has been in Miami since the middle part of last week practicing for the Orange Bowl. Luckily, I have been enjoying the inside scoop from my favorite Yellow Jacket Equipment Manager 😉  He has updated his Twitter and Facebook frequently with pictures from the adventures in Miami. It has been pretty cool talking to him about his trip, as I never realized how much work and effort goes in behind the scenes to make a Bowl Game possible. What I especially love about all the pictures and inside scoop is the marketing behind the whole process.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets traveled on a chartered plane to spend the week in Miami. They were greeted on the Tarmac by an orange carpet, orange suited officials and even the Orange Bowl mascot:
Awesome greeting in Miami! Passed out oranges and everything! on Twitpic

The players and staff were then invited to the welcoming ceremony complete with a GT ice sculpture.
They had a GT ice sculpture at the welcome reception! on Twitpic
After the welcoming ceremonies, they were able to explore the hotel a little bit. Let’s just say the Orange Bowl Committee had decked out the hotel in Orange Bowl marketing tactics. Complete with Orange Bowl baskets in EACH of the rooms and signs throughout the hotel. Our hotel is absolutely decked out in Orange Bowl swag #Orang... on Twitpic

After a few days of practice, the team made it to the final destination to set up camp for game day. Not but 24 hours after having a NFL game in the stadium, the Orange Bowl Committee transformed the stadium and locker rooms in to an Oasis of Orange.
This guy is handpainting the BCS logo on the end zone #Orange... on Twitpic

Since the stadium is primarily used by the Miami Dolphins, the Orange Bowl Committee needed to bring their own flair into the place. Every little bit of logo from the Miami Dolphins was covered in Georgia Tech or Orange Bowl Logos.

Needless to say, I love the marketing efforts that the Orange Bowl Committee has put in to making the Georgia Tech team feel welcome in the town of Miami.

Thanks to my wonderful friends on the equipment team who are working so hard for the Yellow Jackets (especially the one in the middle 😉 )
Some of the managers in the tunnel #OrangeBowl on Twitpic
Go Jackets!

Happy New Year

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