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Facebook Groups Introduced

Big changes happened today in the world of Facebook. Welcome Facebook Groups to the social media world. Essentially, Facebook groups allow people to connect with selective people rather than blasting content all over everyone’s wall.  If you were not able to catch the live feed of the unveiling of Facebook Groups, check out the following highlights and links that detail the new additions.

1. Obviously groups are the big thing here. Communication is why we use social media or the internet for that same matter. Groups now let us connect with a specific social circle to be able to connect and communicate. These are perfect for families, sports teams, sororities, work friends, wedding party…basically anything within your own social circle that you need to communicate with. Think mass email blast to a specific group, but rather all within one platform- Facebook. I wish this would have been released a few months ago because my project groups for school would have been a perfect use of one of these groups!

2. I love the new group chat! The group chat function is created automatically when a group is set up.  I use Google Chat frequently for group chatting, however, Facebook Group chat may end up replacing my need to use a different website just for communicating efficiently. Chat is also convenient within the group function because you can communicate easily, live, with all the members online. I can just see my sweet sports fanatic fiancé creating a group for his fantasy teams and chatting with multiple people to create a trade.

3. The next feature is to easily download all of the information you have on your Facebook. Not really sure why you are going to download all of your profile information to your desktop, however if you fancy, you can do so.

There were a few other things that came out during this live feed, however none that I will highlight here. Check out the Facebook Blog to get a full insight into the new privacy settings and Facebook Connect features. In true fashion, I am sure everyone is going to complain about the changes, however as we do with all changes, we adapt. Choose to embrace this change as there are some unique features that may, just may, increase your productivity while on Facebook.


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