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Crush It! Reviewed

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Things have been a bit crazy around my world recently. Check out here and here for all the details! Alas, I finished the Crush It! Book in about 4 days and have yet to write the review for all my loyal bloggers to read. Truthfully I avoided writing a review because the book did not impress me as much as I originally expected. So I compromised by writing a brief synopsis of my thoughts (since I did promise it to you) but kept it brief as to not taint your view on the book if you enjoyed it immensely.

Crush It! was a little underwhelming to me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit and straight-to-the-point approach of branding oneself; however I was a little disappointed with the lack of take away. After reading a bunch of reviews on how life changing this book would be for the social media revolution, I had high expectations. I will admit my favorite chapter for “take away” material came around chapter 11. This was the chapter that really allowed a glimpse of some best practices in the social media world. Daily I am looking and digging for the best ways to implement social media practices for businesses and personal success. I think that is why I enjoyed this portion of the book the most, because I enjoy seeing how other companies and individuals benefit from social media and apply it to my own endeavors. Other than that, all of the chapters were centered on branding, acclamation to social media, and the next big idea in technology.  Overall, I would not encourage you to rush out to your nearest retailer to purchase the book, however it does depict an outlook on building a business from the ground up that most entrepreneurs could learn from.

Granted this is just one opinion, my opinion, however you are entitled to your own thoughts. Actually, let me know what you thought and we can compare notes. I would love to hear from you.


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