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I love when products and marketing integrate social networking. Look at Mountain Dew with the new “DEWMOCRACY” which began with social networking. Now people can vote for their favorite flavor by going to social networking sites.

Another example is a product I found today. Of course this drink has been months in the making through social networking sites and was expected to become available on shelves in April. Well it is the first day of May and I was able to find the newest flavor of Vitamin Water: Connect. The black cherry lime flavor taste much like a melted icee. I do love the “Connect” name and the tagline of “made by the fans for the fans”. I think my favorite part of all is the text on the label. The text incorporates the reasons for using Facebook and buying the drink. I won’t ruin all the surprises though. Go out and find one to read the label. It will give you a laugh.

Enjoy your weekend!


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