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Beautiful Day for Volunteering

Today was a beautiful Saturday! The weather was perfect for volunteering.

I heard last year that Disney had plans to give away free tickets to Disney World for a day of service. Now, I am not “pro” volunteering just to reap rewards, but in this case I could not refuse.  With the help of my twin sister, we decided to volunteer ourselves and our boyfriends up for a Meals on Wheels opportunity. Of course they willingly accepted, mainly because both understand the importance of volunteering but also because one of the boys has never been to Disney. I cannot believe a KID who is over 21 has not been to Disney.

So today we did our first installment of Disney Volunteering. We served the Atlanta area Senior Citizens with the Meals on Wheels program.

The day began with an orientation.

The volunteer coordinator was completely awesome and wanted to be our third twin.

Then we proceeded to the kitchen to pick up our meals for our assigned route.

From there we delivered the meals to a community in Atlanta where the struggles of humanity really shined through. It felt good to give a simple meal to these people. I hope they do not take this service for granted.

We finished the day off with our own special meal of desserts at a local bakery.

Is anyone else doing the Disney Give-a-day program and if so, what are you doing?


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