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Speaking in the future tense…literally

Most of my time this week beyond school and work have been focused on the upcoming conference that I will be speaking at. The title of the presentation is “Marketing in 140 character’s or less” and is essentially a how-to guide to using social media sites for businesses. The whole presentation is all about how to successfully create a community within social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote a brand or product. I wanted to give you a sneak peek in to one of my favorite portions of the presentation. The portion I am highlighting today is about one of the tools I use for a successful social media strategy.

I am not able to work every day due to the fact that I am a full-time student. Therefore I must “pre-tweet” my companies business to the “community” that follows our accounts on Twitter and Facebook. There are many sites out there to pre-tweet your information, however I prefer a site called Social Oomph. I enjoy using this site because it allows me to put a time stamp on the ideas or messages I want to convey to the community.

At my business, we like to pre-tweet about upcoming site visits, birthdays, and events. We also pre-set tweets to update our community on discounts for registering for one of our programs. This allows us to generate content that we know will be consistent, without having to log in to Twitter or Facebook every day. We recently used this tool heavily during our staff recruitment process. Our application deadline was on a Sunday but our office is closed on the weekends. Due to this, we went ahead and pre-tweeted about the application deadlines to make our community aware of the job opportunities.

Keep in mind that this is a tool, and should not be the only way you interact with your “communities”. Make sure that in addition to pre-tweeted content that you also post pictures, responses, and other content frequently to keep your community intrigued.

Just a tip for the day…Happy Wednesday.


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