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Super Bowl m.AD.ness

I am not a fan of football. I am a fan of marketing, though. Therefore my TV was not turned on last night to watch the battle between the Colts and the Saints, but rather to dissect the commercials. I wanted to provide you with my own personal wrap up of the favorites. Check them out here:

My top favorite was the Google Commercial. I have always wanted to work at Google because of the environment, people, and community they establish. Of course as the Google search bar popped up on to my television screen I was ready for whatever Google had to offer. They blew me away! I loved all the terms they searched and how it progressed as a story. So creative! I must say, it left me with a little tear in my eye.

My second favorite was the commercial featuring T-pain. I thought it was so funny how they were all using the T-pain voice to communicate. My first thought was “They are using the T-pain app on the iPhone”, however it was just a commercial for Bud Light. Very humourous. Truthfully all of the Bud Light Commercials were well done. Here we go:

I also was a fan of the Doritos commercials. They were all so funny. My favorite Doritos commercial was a toss-up between the dog shocking collar and the little boy talking to the new boyfriend. Here is the winner:

Which commercial last night was your favorite?


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