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Where is the love?

Can you believe that Valentine’s day is less than a month away? I feel like it was just Christmas/New Years! I can tell you the most I have started planning for Valentine’s day 2010 is how I will make some decorations for my fireplace. What can I say- It is the crafty side of me. Anyways- in the spirit of Valentine’s Day coming up soon, I wanted to give you the latest app for your iPhone.

The app stems from the classic heart candies we used to give as kids. If you visit NECCO Sweethearts website you can create your own sweethearts. You can customize the hearts to say your special thoughts to your loved one. The website lets you upload straight from the site to your Twitter account. The Twitter message includes a link to your newly created sweethearts, and a hashtag for the product. Way to go NECCO.

If that weren’t enough- NECCO also created an iPhone app so that you can create a set of sweethearts on-the-go for free.


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