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Guest Post: Top 10 YouTube Videos of the Year

**Guest Blog Post by my twin sister Katie**

I have been requested to compile a list of some of my favorite YouTube videos from this past year. Although it will be hard to narrow down a list of only 10 favs, I will do my best to please everyone with side wrenching, belly laughing, tears of joy, all in all the epic videos that helped make every day a day worth living.  Without further ado, I would like to present my version of the best YouTube videos from 2009.
10. Sisterhood This poor girl wanted to do whatever it takes to be an Alpha Chi by making it snow.  She had all intentions, like all of us, to have a good time. However her night ends in total epic disaster.  I love the fact that she is surround by her loving sisters that are there to laugh at her and make her feel absolutely silly, and better yet there to capture the whole scene on camera to share with the world. Thank you to our fellow AXO sisters in Oklahoma for displaying this act of sisterhood!
9. All the single ladies: What could be more sexy than a man showcasing his true passion in a form of dance? A man who wears a leotard stuffed with socks and dancing to single ladies.  Even though this might be the 12th bijillion time you have heard single ladies, watching this video never seems to get old.  In fact, I love this song so much I was tempted to upload the baby version, the big girl version, the scary IT mask version, alpha chi founding ladies version, and many many more. However I had to control myself and upload the one I couldn’t get enough of… so take it away Mr. Blue leotard, go put a ring on one of those single ladies!
8. Disturbia:
ALL videos by doglover are quality, but the one that initially got me hooked was her rendition of Disturbia.  This little girl has become a YouTube phenomenon this year and for that I give her mad props! She really knows how to capture the audience with her unique camera angles, flashy costumes, and impeccable lip syncing.  I can not wait to see her master the Tik Tok song!
7. Toby Jones:  If I could invite one inspirational person to have dinner with tonight I would without a question invite Mr. Toby Jones.  Now friends, you know he has got to have some pretty crazy stories from all of the oscillated fans, suit cases full of weed, and stolen vans he has accumulated in his yard for over the past few years.  The best part is that he doesn’t care.  He is living the high life this past year in 2009 and this is evident from the 2 big ass truck rental and storage videos along with his BBQ and foot massage video.  With over 2 million views on each of videos, I would say Mr. Toby Jones could start charging a little more to store your junk down at his storage facility.
6. Charlie bit my finger:   There is nothing funnier than seeing someone get hurt and then watching them do it over and over again without learning the first time.  This is exactly why I love the “Charlie bit my finger” video.  There is no question that this video was a hit on YouTube, by the overwhelming remakes of Charlie biting someones finger.  Way to go YouTuber’s!
5. Epic Wedding Ceremony: Every girl dreams of what she wants her wedding to be like, and for this spunky fun-loving crazy cool couple, their wedding dream has turned into an inspiration for all girls and brides to be.  Guys prepare yourself for the wishes of your brides on the wedding day, I can only hope that more scenarios like this will happen on the big day as we have seen with wedding entrances and synchronized first dances as Mr. and Mrs. Lucky.  This video makes me laugh, cry, and dance every time.
4. JT +SNL= Quality: I had a hard time deciding between Jizz in my pants, Lazy Sunday, or this song, Mother Lover.  However I settled on this song, because every time Justin Timberlake is on SNL he produces nothing but absolute quality.  Him and Andy Samberg are what some would call genius when put in front of the camera. I love this song, and so should you!
3. Kid visit’s the dentist: This kid is such a baller!! The fact that he is so terribly confused is what makes this video so hilarious! “Is this real life?, Is this going to last forever?” Man, this kid is a genius.  I could watch this video over and over, in fact I have and do every time I search it on YouTube.  I love that the dad was smart enough to film his son for future blackmail, this family is full of winners!
2. Bad Things:  This little kid just wants to do bad things with his friends, I mean who could blame him? He’s a seven-year old who just wants to grow up way to fast, borrow his grandma’s keys and go to Walmart and get some chicken nuggets. |While on the way, hitting a few cars, are doing some damage to public property. I wish I could have told my parents when I was little that if I were to do something bad, that they should take my video games away for a whole weekend.  Oh, Mr. Latarian Milton, what a skillful little guy you are.  I hope your grandma doesn’t get arrested for spanking you for doing bad things!
1. No Explanation Needed:  This last video needs no explanation other than…. Ladies and Gentlemen,you have officially been….
I hope that you find that some of my top favorite videos from 2009 are on your list too.  Enjoy the epicness from these videos and feel free to educate your friends on the quality of YouTube!

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