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Easy Ways to Upload Photos to Twitter/Facebook

Today I was in a discussion with my boyfriend over the best way to upload pictures to Twitter and Facebook. I did not understand why he only uploaded pictures to one site, rather than both. He explained that it was because it  took too much time to upload to both sites. He followed this up with his frustration of uploading pictures to TwitPic and they would not show the captions of his Tweet. I quickly decided to investigate the situation and figure out the best way to upload pictures.

Uploading pictures to both Twitter and Facebook are important in order to maintain your brand. This brand could be your personal brand as far as your own social image. Your brand could also be for a company. Uploading pictures frequently gives customers or friends an insight in to your brand. Uploading pictures frequently to all of your social media sites is important in order to retain the interest of customers/friends. The question is, how do you do this quickly?!?

Luckily, most phones have photo capability. If you don’t, stop now- and run to the store and buy yourself a late Christmas Gift. Uploading pictures to your desired website is as easy as clicking the photo on your cellphone and sending picture via a MMS or email to Facebook/Twitter. If you send a picture as an email/MMS than the subject of the email or message will be your tweet/photo caption. The directions for both Twitter and Facebook are as follows. Also, remember that in order to upload quickly to both Twitter and Facebook, you should use both email addresses in the “TO” line of your email.


*1) Sign In using your Twitter Account.

*2) Click on the “Upload” tab.

*3) Under this tab there will be a specific email that you will send your pictures to in order to upload to TwitPic. It will be highlighted in yellow.

*4) Save the address found in step 3 as “TwitPic” in your phone for easy email sending.

5) Take a picture using your cell phone.

6) If you are using an iPhone, there is a simple “email” button on the bottom left hand corner to easily send the picture. On other phones, find the email function to send your picture message.

7) Type your desired caption for your photo on your phone in the subject line.

8) Insert the Twit Pic address as the “to” line and press send.


*1) Sign in to Facebook

*2) Click on photos

*3) Click on Mobile Upload tab

*4) Under the tab there will be a highlighted link for “Upload photos from via email”

*5) Save the email address as “Facebook Photo” in your phone

6) Take your picture using your phone and then insert the Facebook Photo Contact.

* Items marked by the asterisk only need to be performed on the initial set up of sending picture messages.

Simple! Now have fun uploading all your on-the-spot Christmas Photos or whatever pictures promotes your “Brand”.


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    Just try out and let us know what you feel.


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