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What would your ideal career be?

Social Media has sky rocketed as a form of communicating business with clients. I enjoy reading up on the trends, finding new ways to integrate technology in to the everyday goals of marketing, and learning about all the social media buzz. As a current MBA student graduating in August, I am constantly asked “what do you want to do after college”. I will tell you what sparks my interest that just recently became an acceptable “career”:: Social Media Consultant. Naturally your first reaction is probably “What! You want to play on Facebook and Twitter all day and get paid for it?!?”. This is far from the truth of what a Social Media Consultant does. Let me explain:

I have a passion for taking companies and individuals and launching them in to a fully integrated social media strategy. I have worked with a few companies over the last few years to incorporate Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, in to their marketing strategy. In the down slopping economy, companies are asked to cut their budget. The first decision of cuts usually affects the marketing department. Currently, many social networking tools reach millions of users, and are inexpensive. The question is, “how do companies use these tools to engage clients in a relationship with the brand?”. This is a tough question that many companies, non-profits, and small business owners struggle with. Wouldn’t it be nice if my passion for social media could transform in to a career of consulting.

To be a social media consultant I would have a few main objectives:

1) General Social Media Consulting: Advise companies on developing Web 2.0 strategies and implementing them using the necessary social media tools. Consulting would consist of training clients on how to use the tools so that they would ultimately be able to maintain their brand on the web.

2) Create Blog Development and Web Presence: After creating a strategy and partaking in the training of the social media tools, clients will need to actually create their web presence. My goal as a Social Media Consultant would be to develop the blogs using themes consistent with the overall brand of the company. Along with creating a blog, the consistent theme would be carried over in to Facebook and Twitter. Of course the necessary tools would be taught to the marketing team in order to ensure that the time and money spent to implement these Social Networks maintain their web presence and continue to grow as a strong brand in the eyes of web customers.

3) Engage in Speaking Engagements and Events: I grew up in 4-H where we were given the opportunity to develop projects and present them on a regular basis. I enjoyed creating the poster boards and being judged on my speaking abilities. Since mastering in 4-H, I went to college and took even more classes on communication, websites, and business operations. All of these classes taught me the importance of communicating effectively with an audience through various mediums. I want to use these lessons in public speaking to educate others on how to launch their brands using social media. The events portion reflects my background in event coordination. I understand the importance of customer service and the need to gain real-time feedback from customers. Twitter and Facebook are being used for conferences to monitor the buzz centered around the event. I want to teach you how to use social media to drive up attendance and create a dynamic presence on the web for relating to your attendees.

Would you hire a Social Media Consultant for your company?


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