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‘Tis the season to…

Business’ thrive during the holiday season due to the overwhelming need to spend money on gifts. In previous years, spending has been online, since consumers could easily click a button and instantly have their gifts shipped in 24 hours. The joy behind watching the tracking numbers of packages being delivered was almost as fun as watching the recipient open the Christmas gift. Companies must understand how to market to customers that are shopping online and in the stores.  Online stores such as eBay and Amazon are having to find innovative methods of marketing in order to gain the control of the customers who are do not strictly shop online. I love marketing and therefore I am always paying attention to the efforts of companies. I was recently out doing some holiday shopping and saw eBay’s innovative actions in motion. They had brought the online store to customers who were “out” shopping.

Ebay kiosk at Atlantic Station

eBay had set up a Holiday Mobile Boutique in the middle of Atlantic Station to allow customers to avoid the stores and use computers to bid on auction items. In addition to having computers for bidding, the boutique also showcased trends in holiday purchases. I thought this was creative in terms of trying to gain the control of customers online who have traditionally shop in the public arena.

Have you seen these boutiques around your town?


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