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Integrating Facebook and Twitter

Hello blogger world!

I have decided to recreate my blog using Google. I used a different host before, however it was time for a change. This blog will be dedicated to sharing the buzz worthy information about social media. I hope that by reading my blog you become empowered to establish and maintain a web presence in a world that is buzzing with technological advancements.

To begin I want to talk about Twitter. Twitter has become a sensation literally overnight. I will admit that at first I was hesitant and did not join until April 2009. Even though I was hesitant, as soon as I joined, I haven’t looked back. I enjoy using Twitter for business and pleasure. I enjoy finding new ways to connect brands with customers online. My love for “all things social media” have inspired me to speak on my business practices in order to enhance an industry. In the spring, I will be speaking at the ACCED-I conference on the topic of “Marketing in 140 characters or less”…but more on that in a later post.

For today- the tip of the day is integrating Twitter with your PowerPoint. You can link your PowerPoint presentations to automatically update your Twitter account as you progress to a new slide. It is as simple as creating an account and implementing the PowerPoint tools in to your presentation. In order to use, install the previously linked add-in and add the text you want to use as your status between the tags [twitter] and [/twitter]. Pretty Easy. A good use of automatic updates could be a question to the twittersphere or a 140 character statement of what the slide content covers. Give it a try to make your next presentation interactive in a live session and an online format. Now that is worth buzzing about!


(AutoTweet using Powerpoint)


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